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Weight Loss Hypnosis (2 in 1!)

1.6 usd

If you are fed up of dieting, eat for comfort, obsessed by food and counting calories then this programme is for YOU! Worldwide best-selling, 2 part weight loss hypnosis programme, written and professionally recorded by Amanda Stanhope. You will receive TWO programmes in this app!
The first programme:
Food & Eating – Listen to this first part for 3 weeks to make permanent positive change in your eating habits. The results may be instant after first use or may develop after a few sessions. You will notice changes in your behaviour with regard to food...only eating when you are physically hungry, drinking more water, stopping eating when you are full, eating the foods you fancy, going off the taste of fatty and greasy foods, noticing you think much less about food and differentiating hunger from emotion. You may experience all or some of these changes but trust that your sub-conscious mind will utilise the suggestions that are right for you.
You are NOT dieting. This isn’t a diet or a crash weight loss programme. Youwill steadily get rid of excess weight and change your eating habits to not only get rid of weight once and for all but to then easily maintain it.
Part 2 of the programme:
Exercise & Motivation – After the first 3 weeks begin to listen to the secondpart of the programme. As your eating habits change and you begin to seethe pounds dropping off use this hypnosis session to increase your motivation and desire to move your body more. You may find yourself walking more and generally being more active. Your confidence will improve and the increased activity will boost the weight loss.
For best results listen to the hypnosis sessions with earphones and do not play whilst driving or operating machinery because these recordings will induce a wonderful relaxing trance state.
This weight loss programme has been No.1 on for the past year and has fantastic reviews which speak for themselves.
Recent testimonial:
I started this CD 8 days ago (based on 7 great reviews it had received), and already I have lost an incredible 11 pounds!!! Cant quite believe it! I was your classic dieter and Ive tried everything over the years - Unislim, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Motivation Clinic, Lipotrim, Slim Fast, GI Diet, Gillian McKeith, Carol Vorderman - you name it, Ive tried it! Id also tried Paul McKennas CD, but without success. Amanda had a lovely, soothing voice, and the half an hour is up before you know it. After my first listen to this CD, my eating habits changed immediately! It was like completing all the work in the book "Overcoming Overeating", without having to actually do anything! All of a sudden Im only eating when Im hungry, craving healthier foods, leaving food on my plate, and not feeling any guilt whatsoever if I have a sweet treat. Before, if I had a treat, I would have felt guilty, binged for the rest of the day, then felt terrible about myself. I cant stress how brilliant this CD is, and will be recommending it to everyone I know! Still have 2 stones to lose, so Ill update this post and let you know how I get on!
PLEASE NOTE: This app is around 24Mb and is programmed to attempt to install directly to your memory card to save space on your device.